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The Not So Typical Yogi!

Alright so I have a confession to make...

I am not your typical yogi. Far from it actually. Although I've been teaching for a few years, I am not a pro at sanskrit, nor am I a vegan. I drink wine (lots of it and yes I am proud of it), I enjoy going out and get my groove on and I eat meat LOL. I also work out at the gym and enjoy attending various boot camp's and fun/challenging fitness classes. I truly believe yoga is for everyone and just because I teach it, doesn't mean its the only type of sweat I enjoy!

To me, yoga is a place to be yourself, explore and to learn, to have fun and be creative in your own skin, not for regimes and strict diets all the time. Bring your personality and your swag to the mat. Play some funky music or even a Drake song! Why the heck not?!

I enjoy making my yogi's laugh in class, especially when I make them hold a core pose because they are most likely saying "I hate her" LOL. We all need a little silliness in our lives so why not incorporate some playfulness while getting our yoga on?

Point being... there is no "typical yogi" and that's why I love it. It's about self discovery, growth, and more importantly SELF LOVE and EXPRESSION.

So don't be afraid of bringing YOURSELF to the mat. There is no typical yogi and your journey will remain yours only. So embrace it and continue your growth, because it's beautiful!

Sonia Rayat


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