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Wine & Yoga

The combination of both yoga and wine has created a culture that has been able to breed some benefits for lovers of both wine and yoga at the same time. The idea of pausing while popping a glass has been able to get embraced and is slowly gaining popularity in various countries. It actually turns out that not only is this dual activity fun, but it also has some benefits attached to it such as:

You’ll benefit socially

As much as a whole hour of yoga may easily be restorative, it may also end up being very solitary since some people may end up keeping to themselves after the classes and just leave. However, with the combination of both wine and yoga, one is able to easily make a conversation by speaking about various facts with regard to wine and at the end of it all there may be some meditative tasting associated with it. Just by having a tail end of yoga class that is able to provide a built-in happy hour with individuals that one already has a lot in common with, this then is able to build one’s connections and gives them a more solid squad.

One is able to get double Zen

Wine is able to easily give one a breezy feeling after they have had a long week this is because of the low concentration of alcohol that is found in the wine which is able to provide one with a calming effect. Given that the alcohol concentration is 12-14 percent on average as compared to tequila which is 30-40 percent, this allows the body to slowly relax as it adjusts to the alcohol levels a better pace. Combined with meditative focus on one’s breath and movement, yoga is able to help in the releasing of tension and decreasing of the stress hormone i.e. cortisol which is just an amazing feeling.

You might end up burning more fat

Red one has been associated with healing in the reduction of weight as it is known to help in the fat burning process of the body. This is normally due to the presence of resveratrol, which is a polyphenol that is able to easily help in the breaking down of white fat into brown fat which then helps one in the burning of calories. Combined with gentle yoga practice, one is able to burn fat as well, since the stress hormone, cortisol, is normally lowered when one uses yoga to help them in distressing.

In conclusion, the combination of both wine and yoga has proven to actually be very essential and very important to many people as more people are actually even going for such retreats ad classes just to have a better feel at yoga and have fun at the same time. This is also a very good platform to connect, share and network with fellow yogis since there is already a lot that each has in common. So, grab a mat and a bottle of wine and get to stretching while sipping on some fine wine.

With that being said, join me for Wine & Yoga Night every month hosted at Pro Active Health Group in Brampton Ontario! To find out more, follow my Instagram page where I will be posting all upcoming events.

Sonia Rayat xo

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